Taganga to Tayrona Park Guide

TagangaThe following is a guest post Off2Colombia.com.co a Colombia travel guide written by two Frenchmen and a whole community of Colombians and foreigners who wish to display the most impressive destinations in Colombia. Today we take Taganga and Parque Tayrona on the Caribbean coast of the country.

Taganga and Tayrona are one of the most popular destinations in Colombia, especially for backpackers. In both places you will meet adventurous in search of sand, sun, snorkeling, nature, tranquility and, in the case of Taganga, endless party nights.

If you think you do not have much time to take advantage of your visit, do not worry, here are options on how to enjoy this paradise in just four days.

Day 1: Discovering Taganga
We started in Taganga, which offers very good accommodation options as Masia Hotel Divanga and Casa de Felipe. The first two are new so they are very well equipped, with pool and, best of all, in a relaxed and quiet. This will be very important when you realize that the party can go on forever because, although the bars close at 1:30 am, always find a place to continue until dawn.

La Casa de Felipe is one of the favorite accommodations in Taganga. The main reasons are its location, beachfront, and prepare delicious food (filet mignon taste her walk after the Lost City is a unique experience). It is also a good place to meet people and spend quiet day.

After you have chosen your accommodation, the first thing to do is visit diving agencies. Here are very good choices and impressive maritime scenarios thanks to the diversity of wildlife. Best of all, the prices are affordable, especially for beginners, so be sure to take this opportunity to start your diving career.

Taganga Bay
By the time you have made your decision should be pretty hungry, so the best is to take the day to visit Santa Marta and try their delicious cuisine. The typical local dish is rice with coconut and fried fish, so ask which is the best place to find insurance and share a good meal with samarios. Before returning to Santa Marta to Taganga (we recommend go by taxi), you can enjoy the cool breeze of the evening in one of the bars in the square, accompanied by drinks.

Once in the village, if you have the energy to finish the day backpacker style, visit one of the shops that are off the coast for a few beers and get ready for the party in some nightclubs. The main ones are Mirador or Sensations and, as mentioned, they close at 1:30 am, but the rumba dawn in one of the hotels nearby.

Day 2: relax in Playa Blanca
Tired of so much activity on the first day? You probably want to sleep late, but it’s that or lose some incredible hours under water while practicing what they learned in class diving. If you can spare energy, you can walk to Playa Blanca, climbing the hills around Taganga.

Here you will find an amazing deal of fruits and seafood restaurants, so you can replenish your energy and cool off with one of those jugosísimos juices (if it is redundant, but describes well the experience), while lounging on the beach. Surely, you will have no problem enjoying this stay calm for a few hours …

Atadercer in Taganga
To close the day with ‘grand finale’, a great idea is to catch the last rays of the sun in the main square of Taganga, beer in hand, admiring the intense colors of the Caribbean sunset.

Day 3: To enjoy the Tayrona Park
This is the day you visit the Tayrona National Park, so I wake up as early as you can and take a taxi to the park entrance which will cost about 50,000 pesos. Once there, you must go his way on foot or by donkey, although the hike is not recommended during the rainy season.

The cost of the entrance to Parque Tayrona is 35,000 pesos per person, which may seem expensive but do not be discouraged, it really is worth it. There will have to find where to sleep and although the deals are pretty basic, no longer need to pay 15,000 pesos per night to sleep in a hammock in Reef or, if present tent, the same price to install in permitted areas.

Playas del Parque Tayrona
If you choose the first option, you can spend your first day resting in Piscinita or strolling on the beaches of her older sister, La Piscina. In the evening you can visit the restaurant which is close to the camping area to enjoy a good dinner, a little pricey but delicious.

Day 4: Beaches and indigenous cultures
Try to leave the park as late as you can and, if possible, the next morning, so you have more time to marvel at the scene. This day we suggest you make the trek to the Cape, a stunning beach accessed by most backpackers. This site is also the starting point for the trek to El Pueblito Chairama, a course not very long and fairly easy.

Pueblito Tayrona Park Tour

When you reach your destination you will find a small Indian archaeological site, appropriate to learn more about the history of the region. In addition, another major reward to arrive are the incredible views throughout the ride, so do not forget your camera.

Then you can relax and share experiences with other travelers in the Cape, or continue exploring new beaches (including nude beach is pretty close). Never miss the opportunity to hydrate with delicious exotic fruit juices, or marvel at the marine life by snorkelling.

Parque Tayrona
As you can see, in four days can do almost anything I want in this little paradise, just lose yourself in the tranquility of the place, enjoy the quality of its people and forget about life in the city.

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